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Almonds are the edible seeds of Prunus dulcis, more commonly called the almond tree.

They are native to the Middle East, but the US is now the world’s largest producer.

The almonds you can buy in stores usually have the shell removed, revealing the edible nut inside. They are sold either raw or roasted.

They are also used to produce almond milk, oil, butter, flour or paste — also known as marzipan.

Raw Almonds

Raw almonds are one of the healthiest foods for nut lovers. High in riboflavin, they aid your body in repairing tissue and damage and promoting growth. Many people also prefer the softer texture of raw almonds, and they are the almonds of choice to for making the ever popular almond milk.

Organic Almond

Organic Raw Almonds are a delectable snack on their own or in a trail mix combined with dried fruit and seeds. Add chopped almonds to muesli, porridge, smoothies or acai bowls. Activate raw nuts by soaking in water for 12 hours, before slowly dehydrating at very low heat.

Soaked nuts are great for dairy-free fresh mixed nut – just drain, blend with 6 parts water (optional: add a little honey or coconut nectar and/or a pinch of Murray River pink salt), then strain through a clean cloth. Nut will keep for several days refrigerated in an airtight jar.

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